Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Martial Arts for Kids Age 6-12


  • We teach martial art techniques and principles first and foremost.
  • We teach that fitness and hard work are fun without all the silly games.
  • We don’t scream and yell at the kids and call it discipline.
  • We usually never have more than 4-5 kids with any one instructor!
  • We incorporate important life lessons into the classes. Lessons that parents can emphasize at home as well.

The rewards and benefits of martial art practice are too great for it to be just about trophies and little colored belts. We take your children’s future much more serious that that. They need to have fun while learning that hard work is its own reward and good things only come with patience, perseverance and effort.

Philosophy and Goals

We understand the importance of finding quality programs for children, which is why we strive to have one instructor for every 4 -5 children. The instructors enjoy teaching the children, and helping them to reach their goals. As a program for young people, we hope to give them a good basis for fitness and the motivation to work hard for something they want. We do not use a militaristic approach at Shaolin-Do but instead encourage mutual respect and self-discipline.

Elements That Make Kung Fu GOOD for Kids

First they have to grow as a person in many ways. They must work hard on something and try to improve their performance over time. This teaches that effort has its own rewards and that nothing comes without effort. They get a first hand education in the laws of cause and effect. It is no stretch to say that this keeps kids out of trouble and moving toward life-success. So many young people grow up and never learn that all actions (good or bad) lead to a specific outcome. While team sports teach this to a certain extent, you still win or lose depending on the actions of the team. In life this is not really the case. Like your belt test in my school, when you go out into the world as a young adult, you must stand alone and while Mom and Dad might be watching, they can’t really shout out the answers to you. How valuable is it to learn to rely upon yourself for success?

Second, the biggest barrier to people reaching for their dreams can be boiled down to one word alone; FEAR. Fear of failure, humiliation, reasonability, embarrassment, or even the fear of succeeding. Kids meet these types of fears every day in my school. They start to learn that action defeats fear. Preparation insures success.

Facing a fear is scary, but possible, and that after it feels great. By the time these young students reach adulthood, they feel so empowered that nothing stops them from reaching for their dreams. They look down and see that black belt around their waist and remember that they have already proven themselves and their personal power. They have strengthened their will, flexed their inner-discipline and mastered themselves in a way that many adults will never know. When I see an 8 year old child standing there enduring a test of will and discipline that most adults wouldn’t attempt, I realize that people better watch out when that 8 year old grows up. They will be unstoppable. I wouldn’t want to compete with that kid for a job in 10 years.

Parenting Test

Do You Think Like Other Parents?
What is your top priority?

I want my child to:

  • Be challenged and grow as a person.
  • Stay fit and healthy for life.
  • Feel powerful and successful.
  • Have focus and inner discipline.
  • Be able to defend his/herself.

Sorry, I know that wasn’t easy.

I bet that you found that to be as difficult as I would, because they are all very important. You don’t have to pick which one or two you want, because I am successfully bringing them all into my Kid’s Kung Fu programs here in Brandon, Florida. I have designed the Kid’s classes the way a parent would create them, not a business owner. In fact, this is the way we run our entire school; like a family not a business.

Are you kidding???

The list above is like a wish list for parents. Can you think of any other activities that can routinely address all these things; Growth, Fitness, Self-Esteem, Focus, Discipline, Security and Safety?

Can my child actually do this?

I have yet to meet a child that cannot benefit in some way from martial arts. Of course each child has differing levels of talent coming in the door, but you will never know until you bring them in. Shaolin-Do is special because it doesn’t require your child to be a member of a team. In baseball, when the team loses, 9 children feel upset and disappointed. In martial art class, the goal is never to win, but to improve and excel as an individual. The only thing that is rewarded is hard work, patience, and perseverance, and they are a winner as long as the try harder today than they did yesterday.

It takes time and effort.

If you can make the time to bring your child to my school, I will invest all the energy, skill, experience, and knowledge I have into helping them reach their highest potential. I have many testimonials from parents praising our school for changing their child’s life. They look back after years and say that we were like partners in raising their children. They say that Shaolin-Do Kung Fu was one of the best things their kids ever did while growing up and it helped them to become a better person. So I guess there are miracles, just not overnight.

Can I afford this?

The current trend in children’s activities is to start families on a never-ending slide toward spending hundreds of dollars a month. Appealing to everyone’s need for fame and recognition usually does this. I promise you that I will never ever do this to you. I will not suggest other, more expensive programs, or longer commitments. Shaolin-Do is one of the few if not only kid’s martial arts programs in the city that can make this promise to you. Unfortunately, parents who join other schools don’t discover this until they are many months (and hundreds of dollars) into a long-term commitment and it’s too late to back out. If you want to get more information on these escalating enrollment schemes, you can email me to get the ugly details (so you can avoid them) at

At Shaolin-Do, we do not require long term commitments. Just a simple month-to-month enrollment. Because lets face it, even though we know they will love it, they are kids!

Will my child stick with this?

Almost every parent tells me that Shaolin-Do is the first activity that his or her child has “stuck” with for any length of time. Of course we know that staying with something is the important part getting involved with any activity. To feel achievement and build confidence, a child (and adult for that matter) needs to gain skill through effort. Shaolin-Do combines challenge for the mind and body and is perfect for our ever-increasing “cerebral” young people. It’s hard work, but it is fascinating and FUN.

No contracts, No long term commitments, Nothing To Lose!

Why not call (941) 800-8100 and arrange a free trial class for your child. While you’re in our school, talk to some of the parents. I’m positive they’ll tell you that everything I have said in this letter is true.

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