Sifu-BillEssexBill Essex, owner of Shaolin-Do Martial Arts of Florida is a Martial Artist who holds a 4th degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi. He brings fifteen years experience in teaching and business management, and eight years experience teaching adults and children in Martial Arts to his classes. He currently owns two Shaolin-Do schools in Florida.

His passion for teaching and Martial Arts is reflected in his reputation as a dynamic, inspiring teacher. His integrity, positive approach to learning and life, and commitment to excellence have led students to not only succeed in skill, but to aspire to become teachers themselves!

Along with specific skills, he shares his experience of applying the benefits of Martial Arts in supporting and enhancing all areas of life. Values of commitment, personal development, leadership, and integrity are infused into every class.

As a teacher, Bill knows the value of continued learning and is a dedicated student, himself. He continues his personal development through education and training toward higher belt levels. He is currently a student of Master Ryan Howard of San Antonio, Texas. He also studies with Senior Master Joe Schaefer of Austin, Texas. If you need to get in touch with Sifu Bill please call (941) 800-8100

MikeSifu Mike Clemmer – 3rd Degree Black-Instructor at the Brandon location

Sifu Mike brings a level of dedication unsurpassed. His passion for Shaolin-do shows through his teaching abilities. He has a knack for identifying exactly what a student needs and helping them understand it in simple terms. Mike has been training with Sifu Bill Essex for over 8 years.

KELLIESifu Kellie Clemmer – 3rd Degree Black-Instructor at the Brandon location

Sifu Kellie brings a high level of experience with teaching, especially with kids. Her current position as the athletic director of a local Middle school lends a deep understanding of what it takes to motivate students of all ages. This, combined with her patient approach to martial arts education has proven to be a very effective teaching tool. Her passion for the education of others ensures every student will get top quality instruction and motivation. Kellie has been training with Sifu Bill Essex for over 8 years.

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